Fly Fishing Only

Reservations may be made Sunday 8:00 a.m. one week in advance of the fishing week. (5 16-581-1005)

Reservations accepted for 30 sites available per session. Specific sites cannot be reserved in advance but are issued first-come-first choice at time of session.

NO SHOW POLICY: Abandonment of reservations will result in cancellation of your remaining reservations.

Valid permit required while fishing. Permits issued for current session only. Have permit available at all times when fishing. Permit expires upon possession of limit, violation of any posted frshing rules or end of time session.

Trout Fishing Permits: (In addition to valid New York State fresh water fishing license.)

February - March (Wednesday - Sunday) 8 - 12 noon 12-4p.m. No Kill

Catch and release Only- Possession of any trout prohibited.

April - September (Tuesday-Sunday) 7-11 am 12 - 4 p.m. 5-Sunset

October 1 - 15 (Wednesday-Sunday) 8 - 12 noon 12 - 4 p.m.

April - October 15, anglers must STOP fishing when Two(2) TROUT are in possession. No stringers or other methods of restraining or tethering fish in the water. Fish kept must be quickly and humanely killed and creeled. Net and release fish carefully. Release your fish in the water, immediately, with care, and in the same condition it was taken. NO injured fish are to be released.

Fishing must be alone with conventional fly frshing equipment limited to flies, fly rods, fly reels. and fly line with unweighted leader material attached. Any other type of fishing tackle is prohibited. Artificial flies and streamers are defined as being constructed of natural or synthetic materials, so long as all flies are constructed in a normal fashion on a single barbless hook with components wound on or about the hook. Specifically prohibited are molded facsimiles or replicas of insects, earthworms, fish eggs, fish or any invertebrate or vertebrate either singly or in combination with other materials. Likewise prohibited are other lures commonly described as spinners, spoons, or plugs made of metal, plastic, wood, rubber or like substances or combination thereof. To protect the environment ,no lead weight, split shot or other, lead items may be used.

The use or possession of any bait. fish eggs or fish parts and use of barbed hooks or any other fishing device other than barbless hooks, artificial flies or streamers is prohibited.

Please do not litter. Kindly carry out everything you have brought in - paper, fishing gear, etc.

Prevent forest fires, No Smoking in woodlands.

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